Showing movement in paintings

This water fountain was looking full of life, gushing bursts of water in the cool morning air. Have made an attempt to capture that movement in watercolors.


Freshness in watercolors

I often find it hard to resist adding layers and layers while working in watercolors; to rework this or that bit. This can result in taking the life out of the artwork and a dull painting. The freshness and transparency which are the key features of watercolor are lost. To overcome this, I've come up with ten minute watercolor sketches. The idea being to use just one wash and then let go. Looking at the watch before oyu begin helps keep the pressure on. Here is once such sketch using ink and watercolor wash: 


Capsicums in my still life

The thing about capsicums (or bell peppers) is that they are readily available in the market. Again they have this gloss and shine, and a relatively complicated shape with few angles. In short a wonderful subject to practice still life. Also, my favorite vegetable that can be added to omelets, curries, stuffed, or just chopped finely and eaten raw!

The first one is a color pencils artwork and the second a watercolor. I certainly enjoyed painting them. Did you like the outcome?
 color pencils on paper

watercolour on paper


Quisqualis, or Rangoon creeper, or Madhumalati as it is known locally, is a fast growing climber found in India. It sprouts bunches of pink to red flowers which give off a mild sweet scent. The watercolor is inspired by these gorgeous blossoms. Was very happy when it found a buyer!
Madhumalati, SOLD