Greenery on a wall

So what do you do when it is raining, and you don't have that inclination or a suitable place to work outdoors? There were these pretty flowerpots on a wall near my home. Made ideal subject for a quick pen and wash sketch. So here is still life and plein air rolled into one!

It's tea-time folks!

Painting white china in watercolor is quite challenging, hence attempted here. The challenge is because in watercolor, one does not use white color as such but is supposed to 'leave' white of the paper for best results. What color to use for the non-white area is another thing to work on.

Results, not bad. So here it is:

Salad for lunch!

Chopping veggies is always an engaging chore, what with colorful fresh items of different shapes and textures.  So one day I decided to put them to a different use. Arranging them satisfactorily took some time. Painting the knife was the best bit!

Watercolor on Rough paper


Flowers are always a good standby subject, especially in the rainy season when working outdoors might pose a bit of a problem. This is a quick 10 minute sketch, using ink and watercolor wash.


Seeing red

I have these very old thick glass bottles of some milk drink powder. When incidentally the red spatula was kept behind them, the resultant refraction looked simply amazing. Here is an attempt to put it on paper.

Color pencils on Fabriano grey pastel paper.


There is something about glass

 The translucence, the distortions, the refraction, the glints of light are perfect for trying out in watercolor. So tried out some still life with glasses and bottles. One thing I realised very early on, is that one must never be afraid of trying out something in art, just because it looks difficult. 

10x14 inches, rough paper


Still life

Some of my still life attempts from a few years ago. Watercolor on Rough paper.



Ink pen sketches

Done outdoors. Combines my love for nature and the confidence in drawing that an ink pen helps to develop.
Early morning light

A bit of foliage that was too attractive to ignore!


Gel pen and wash

There are times, such as while working outdoors, when a pen and wash allow quick capture of the scene in front of you. 
Pune University
 Other times it is the nature of the subject- such as the bird here. A full blown painting tends to become too fiddly, while the pen on the other hand helps get the fine lines with a lot more finesse.
From a magazine photo


Mangoes are THE flavor of the summer months in India, whether it is the fragrant payari, the langda, street-smart raiwals, the elegant totapuri, the exotic Imam Hussein or the king of mangoes- Alphonso. You find mangoes eaten in icecream, puddings, halwa, and just like that, with the squishy warm juice spurting out and directly into eager mouths. The intense aroma might take getting used to for some.

Have tried to capture some of that excitement and warmth in this impromptu oil pastels sketch.