O deer!

My love for wildlife is worn on the sleeve and most people I meet notice it within 10 minutes of interacting with me :)

There was a black and white photo of a deer in an old book on wild life in India. I decided to do a larger version of the photo and in watercolour. The challenge was to imagine the colors and get similar tonal values in color too as in the picture. Here it is:

10x14 inches handmade paper


The breathaking beauty of a wetland

Trying to capture it here. And watercolour seems the appropriate medium for it.

10 x 14 inches approx.


The joy of painting an abstract

.. cannot be expressed. And this one found a home soon after.
Mixed media on handmade paper. SOLD.


Using Pastels

I've been known for not using very bright colours in my paintings. At least that was the realisation on viewing most of my previous work which incidentally is in watercolours. Then again I tended to put in details most times.
As the time worn cliche says, if you want to get different results you have to do it differently. So this time I sat for the outdoor session with a box of oil pastels and some lovely pastel paper. This was the result. And now I'm in love with this medium.

The location is my favorite Konkan, the west coast of India.