Working on location

Plein air or sketching/drawing/ painting an outdoors scene at the location, is rewarding in itself. This time I found a nice 'spot' which gave me a very aesthetically pleasing frame of a house, trees, dappled shade, etc. A motorbike parked in the middle of the open space added just that bit of interest and spice to an otherwise typical landscape. I therefore decided to include the bike in my painting and drew it accordingly. So far so good. Then I started fiddling with getting the paints and brushes out,  pouring the water from the bottle into a bowl, arranging all the paraphernalia that accompanies an artist on such location work. by the time I finished and looked up, the motorcycle had vanished from the spot, the owner having finished his business having driven off. 
So the bike in the picture is painted purely from memory after trying to recollect how the lights and darks looked or would logically appear. Here is the completed watercolor.