Capsicums in my still life

The thing about capsicums (or bell peppers) is that they are readily available in the market. Again they have this gloss and shine, and a relatively complicated shape with few angles. In short a wonderful subject to practice still life. Also, my favorite vegetable that can be added to omelets, curries, stuffed, or just chopped finely and eaten raw!

The first one is a color pencils artwork and the second a watercolor. I certainly enjoyed painting them. Did you like the outcome?
 color pencils on paper

watercolour on paper


Quisqualis, or Rangoon creeper, or Madhumalati as it is known locally, is a fast growing climber found in India. It sprouts bunches of pink to red flowers which give off a mild sweet scent. The watercolor is inspired by these gorgeous blossoms. Was very happy when it found a buyer!
Madhumalati, SOLD